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Written by Dan Linton

As I’ve continued to expand my awareness through my training here at NSEAS, and more of the available information in reality around me has been reaching my conscious mind, I quite often realize that I’m receiving signs. The Universe is communicating with me all the time, and signs are a part of it.

To me signs are universal hints, acting as guideposts to the path I’m on.

…signs are universal hints, acting as guideposts to the path I’m on.

What I’ve discovered is that there are actually LOT of signs. The Universe is not shy about sending me information (as Joseph often says that everything is our teacher, we decide what the lesson is). Recognizing signs has gotten a bit easier, but the challenge is to interpret what the signs mean or if they’re even meant for me at all. They can range from completely obvious, to incredibly subtle.

Signs can be anything – a feeling, a bird in the sky, a spider on my porch, the smell of a cigar, or even an unexpected conversation.

At one point earlier this year, I was worried that I might get laid off from my job, which would have put me in a difficult financial situation. I hadn’t shared these feelings with anyone. Around this time was doing an in-person training with Joseph and Susan.

At one point I was at their house. We were just walking out the door on our way elsewhere when suddenly Joseph stopped. Without a word, he went upstairs for a moment and when he came back down, he handed me a folded up one dollar bill.

…he handed me a folded up one dollar bill.

When I asked him what it was for, he mentioned that he had been told to hold onto that particular dollar bill for a while, and he had no idea why. Then at that moment, he received information that he was to give it to me and that it was a message – something that I needed to know. The connection wasn’t immediately clear to me, so I asked Joseph if he knew what the message was.

He focused for a moment, then said that I don’t need to worry about money, and that everything would be fine. He then asked me if I knew what that meant, which is when it became clear. I told Joseph about what was happening at work, and it all made sense.

That is a pretty direct sign. The Universe needed to tell me something, and the message got through loud and clear.

I placed that dollar bill in my wallet, with the intention to keep it until I got the message to pass it on. It was tightly folded and pushed into a corner, completely unlike how I keep my other bills, so that I wouldn’t use it without intending to. Yet as I am writing this post, I checked my wallet and the dollar bill was no longer there.

That’s a sign as well.

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Dan Linton

Dan likes video games, pizza, and spending time with his dog. He has been a student of NextStage since December 2015.

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  • Along with everything being a teacher, I’ve been told/taught that everything is a sign and we just need to be open to them. This was the way of our ancestors who understood the turning of a leaf, the meaning of a lone cloud in the sky or a mantis suddenly riding on your shoulder as you walked.
    I believe the corrollary (and an important one) is “the only sign you are able to read is not necessarily the right one.” I think the first trick is knowing when a sign is right. The second is knowing who the sign is for.

  • I agree that everything is a sign and it’s often difficult to know if the sign is for you or someone else. Also interpreting the sign can be difficult. It sometimes takes days to figure out what a sign actually means. I find it’s very helpful to talk about it with someone. They often unintentionally can help with what a sign means.