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Frequently Asked Questions about the NextStage Expanded Awareness Society
What is Expanded Awareness and why do I want it?
Your level of awareness determines how you experience and react to the world and your life. Most people are only aware of a tiny fraction of the multi-layered reality around them.

There is more information available, far more.

In order to experience all that is available to you, you must work and train to expand your awareness. As you do, your ability to bring change into your life and the lives of others grows exponentially. You and what you’re capable of are greater than you can possibly imagine.

What is the NextStage Expanded Awareness Society?
We are a group of individuals who realized that Life was more than we were led to believe. Unsatisfied with the boundaries and constraints society had placed on us, we began exploring exercises and practices to expand our understanding.

What we’ve learned and continue to explore can be summed up as “The Practice”.

What is The Practice?
The Practice is the sum total of exercises and practices you can learn which can help you expand your awareness.

These practices span a variety of techniques from many different traditions, sciences and cultures.

There are many things to learn, and many teachers who can help you. When you’re ready, you can start your Journey here with us. Learn more about The Practice here.

Are hallucinogens or other drugs used?
No. NSEAS does not use or recommend any mind-altering substances.
Is The Practice some kind of New Age religion?

As you progress in the practice, your experiences may include things you may currently consider miraculous. Your experiences may include things you cannot currently explain.

The Practice does not ask you to worship anything, it teaches you to experience far more of life and reality than you do now, for yourself. You may choose to take what you learn here and apply it to your religious or spiritual practices and that’s entirely your decision.

Why should I train in The Practice?
If you wish to experience more, to be more than you are now, The Practice is a way to do that. In truth, training is challenging and not for everyone. It is called “The Practice” because daily practice is required to achieve any goals and not everyone can or wants to put in the required effort. That noted, even a few basic trainings can produce recognizable results with little effort.

But for the sincere student who wishes to experience more and be more than they are now, The Practice will give you as much as you give it. You will be able to access more information through newly awakened senses, be able to make better decisions, and lead a more fulfilling life.

What are the possibilities of The Practice?
In short, you have no limits. Everyone will have different experiences as they learn and grow. Natural talents will become obvious to you. You will learn to experience the natural environment in all new ways.
Do I need to do the Shamanic Journey Workshop before anything else?
The Shamanic Journey Workshop is the best way to quickly kick start your Practice, but it is only a beginning.

If you would prefer a more intense introduction, personal training is available as well.

What are the possibilities of The Practice?
In short, you have no limits. Everyone will have different experiences as they learn and grow. Natural talents will become obvious to you. You will learn to experience the natural environment in all new ways.
Frequently Asked Questions about Training
What will I learn?
You will learn what you need to learn, more than what you want to learn. Expanding your awareness is a personal, subjective experience. Our trainers are highly skilled at identifying your needs and addressing those needs directly.

What you learn may not be easy, but growth rarely is.

Trainings are customized to the participant, but could include Breath and Energy work, developing altered states of consciousness, self-healing, drum work, Shamanic Journeying, Soulwork and much more.

What should I expect?
Expect the unexpected. Keep your mind open, and let the experiences come to you.

You may experience visions or Journeys, Spirit Guides and Totems, altered states of consciousness, Healing, and much more.

What should I wear to the Shamanic Journey Workshop?
Comfortable clothing is key. We recommend sweats or loose, comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement, stretching and the like, but whatever you are most comfortable in, whether sitting, standing or moving around.
Are cell phones allowed?
No. All cell phones and any other technology or items which may disturb you or the group must either not be brought or left at the check-in desk. This is your time to focus on you. Leave your distractions behind, just for a little while.
Are there any 'mind-altering' substances used?
No. NSEAS does not use or recommend any mind-altering substances as part of training.
Is there anything I should or should not eat/drink beforehand?
There are no particular rules other than please don’t drink alcoholic beverages or use recreational drugs the day before training and during training.
Where can I find directions, arrival times etc.?
They will be included in your registration email. Contact us if you need more information.
Are pets allowed at Training?
We LOVE pets and unfortunately they are not allowed at our training venues. Service animals are welcome.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Are your trainers psychic?
It depends on what’s meant by “psychic”. We’ve often been accused of being psychic and we make no claims to that end. There are many aspects of the practice, however, that seem like psychic abilities and are not.

For example, telepathy – mind reading – isn’t something we do. However, some of the things we’re trained to do is sense other people’s energies, to use some specific senses in specific ways, recognize the difference between what we’re experiencing and what the other person is experiencing, …

Sum all these up and we can “know” what someone is thinking without reading their mind, per se. Modern cognitive science has recently recognized this ability and named it “Theory of Mind”.

Will training let me contact a dead relative?
Only if they want to be contacted by you.” Consider it this way; you call someone on the phone. CallerID lets them know who’s calling. They decide they don’t want to talk right now – perhaps they’re busy golfing with their dead friends, perhaps they’re discovering why some business deal didn’t work out, perhaps they’re enjoying the peace and quiet and don’t want to be bothered right now, perhaps they don’t want you to know where they buried the $50MM, you never know – and don’t answer.

The actual methods of contacting a dead relative are based on the answer given above. There are things we train to do that achieve this and not the way most people think. The Universe is a big place. When someone passes over they literally pass over. Contacting them requires your willing to travel to where they are. You may think they’re right beside you (and indeed, in some dimensions they might be) and remember, the Universe creates point-to-point straight lines by collapsing quantum realities. Unless you’re willing to learn how to travel and navigate multidimensionally, be prepared to work.

Why are you offering these trainings to the public?
Quite honestly we’re hesitant. Our experience has been that not everyone is ready for such knowledge or that once shared, such knowledge isn’t appreciated (why learn to sense a distant friend’s state of being when you can call them on your mobile with much less effort, for example).

However, one of the things our teachers taught us is that people will come to you who need you.

Lately (the past year or so) more and more people have come to us for training. That’s been different. People have always sought us out for some one specific thing; marriage difficulties, health problems, psychological challenges, lost pets, thanatological concerns, things like that. What’s different now is that more and more people are coming to us to learn how to do these things for themselves and to discover their own, personal skills, talents and abilities.

So we asked those who study with us if “going public” was a worthy thing to do.

Much to our surprise, they loved the idea. They encouraged us with a vengeance.

Then we asked our teachers and their answers all came down to their original statement; People will come to you who need you.

So this is a great experiment for us. It’s going to be fun.

What should students/practitioners expect?
Expect to be whelmed.

Neither overwhelmed (because you will not comprehend what is happening) nor underwhelmed (because you will be disappointed), so merely whelmed.

Some will read this and decide we’re playing word games.

So we are!

And to those who so decide we say “seek enlightenment elsewhere” because their cup is already full, although when they drink of it they only thirst more, hence go from classroom to classroom until they find a teacher who will slap their cup from their hands.

That’s not our way. We’ll invite you to first empty your cup, put it down or take up a new cup.

PS) That’s all part of The Practice, once you start studying it.

What's all this about 'intention'?
Answering this builds on what students/practitioners should expect.
Living with Intention must apply to everything you do until it elevates the mundane into sacred activity.

Take “vacuuming the floors”. Most people vacuum because “it has to be done”. When vacuuming stops being “something you have to get one” and starts being “this thing You are doing”, when you being the best vacuumer you can be is more important than vacuuming the floor because it has to be done, things which merely fill your day will instead be things that make your day complete.

Corollary #1: The floor is vacuumed in both cases. For the former, the act brings a sense of joy and fulfillment. For the latter, it is merely a task, something to get done so that something else, some other equally unfulfilling task, can get done.

Corollary #2: You must realize that, in both instances, vacuuming is being done with intent and, if you wish to honor the former’s intention you must honor the latter’s intention because “getting it done” is the best intention they have at the time they’re vacuuming.

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