What do you want in your life?

Happiness?  Better relationships?  More control?  Greater abundance?

A direction?

These and more, far more, are possible because reality is more, far more, than you think possible.

The difference between the Haves and HaveNots is yours for the taking.

You can experience things you never dreamt of or even thought possible.

You can become more aware of the world, of the energies, spirits and entities around you.

You can work with realities, move through them, access them, bring them to you or send them away.

The ability to do the impossible is already within you.
Learn to release it.

From the video Series – Questions about The Practice asked and answered by NextStage Students and Teachers

How would you describe The Practice to someone in an elevator?

Join us for your next transformation.

What is The Practice?

The Practice is a way of life that integrates the beliefs and knowledge of many of the world’s religions, cultures and philosophies. It allows the practitioner to integrate those aspects that resonate with them to allow them to lead a life they choose for themselves.

Through a variety of exercises and trainings – many of them customized to individual practitioners – The Practice allows you to expand your awareness. These trainings and exercises span a variety of techniques from many different traditions, sciences and cultures.

Perhaps the most important aspect of The Practice is that it gives you the tools to cope with everyday life and live life to its fullest. More than anything, The Practice is about you becoming a better you.

Your Totems are waiting for you. 

You are more.

Being more is your birthright.

Modern society has taught you to forget all that you are capable of. As a result, most people only understand and interact with a small part of reality.

Learn The Practice

The Practice is a blend of techniques and trainings from many different modern scientific disciplines, ancient traditions and world cultures. Through these exercises and trainings, The Practice allows you to expand your awareness and experience far more of reality – far more than you’ve ever dreamed. Through The Practice you will:

  • Experience heightened states of awareness and levels of personal power

  • Embrace all that you are and all that you can do

  • Explore the nature of reality

  • Use the energy of the universe to improve your life and the lives of those around you

Release the Unique You that’s buried inside

We are all unique beings, and everyone’s experiences, talents and gifts will be different – The Practice will help you discover yours. As you progress, there are no limits to what’s possible.

If you know or sense there’s more…somewhere…and aren’t sure how to get it, tap into it, recognize it, make use of it, become a part of it, then sit back, relax, breathe. The Practice can help you.

Unimaginable rewards are waiting for you.

You have a seat waiting for you at a table larger than you can imagine. The Practice can show you the door. You must decide whether or not to walk through.

Want to know more about us? Our Principles tell it all. Want to take that first step? Claim your seat.


The Spirits are waiting – begin your journey.

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