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Thank you for visiting the NextStage Expanded Awareness Society. More than anything, The Practice is about becoming a better you. NSEAS offers a variety of content, tools and training to help you release your full potential.
If you’re just beginning your exploration, and aren’t quite sure where to start, below you’ll find links to some content we know you’ll find interesting.

The Practice can expand your awareness, allow you to experience more than you thought possible, and achieve wellness in ways you can’t yet imagine. Discover what The Practice is, why you should study it and how to get started.

A Lifetime of Study Only Scratches the Surface

The Practice is not ‘One Size Fits All’. Everyone’s path is different, everyone’s journey is different. Learn from both students and teachers starting with NextStage Expanded Awareness Society blog posts. Visit the blog.

A Guide for Exploration

It’s easy to get lost exploring the unknown. To help keep us on the right track, we’ve created a set of Principles and do our best to apply them to all aspects of our lives. Read through them here. It’s the easiest way to decide if The Practice is for you.

Study What is Right for You

NextStage offers a variety of programs and training on many topics, both online via webinar and Skype as well as in-person. They will all help you move closer to your goals. Have a look through our course catalog.

If you’d like some further guidance, please contact us, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.