Unlock your Intuition

Unlocking Your Intuition

Have you ever just known something?

That was your intuition at work. Being aware of information, anticipating change, and sensing possibilities inherent in any situation – without the use of your conscious mind – is part of your birthright, part of your DNA.

Science has demonstrated that your non-conscious mind is aware of far more information than your conscious mind is. What most people perceive as a gut feeling or a hunch is that information breaking through from non-conscious to consciousness. This program trains you to access that non-conscious information at will and use it intentionally.

Train properly and you may become dramatically more successful in all aspects of your life. Unlocking your intuition will:

  • Give you the power to make better decisions, in any situation (often called “Situational Awareness”)
  • Help you at work
  • Spark your creativity
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Help you to have better relationships
  • Allow you to live from your heart and to live your own truth
  • Enable you to find balance in all areas of your life

The Unlocking your Intuition program may be your solution to being a more authentic You, and leading the life you want to lead.

What you will learn
You already have at your disposal much more knowledge than you can currently consciously access. You will learn techniques to allow you to access that information at will and use it to help you lead a better, more successful and happier life.

Format and what to expect
The Unlocking your Intuition training is a 1 hour workshop conducted live online in small groups via webinar. When you register you will receive your webinar login instructions. You can expect a friendly, fun and interactive session where you’ll be taught a variety of techniques which can help you unlock, trust and use your intuition intentionally and successfully.

Our trainers
This training is led by a team of NextStage trainers. See our About page for more information and details on their extensive backgrounds and qualifications.

See our About page for more information about our trainers.

Just a few of the comments from our students

Joseph and Susan have a great deal of knowledge in the area of healing...They have a great teaching style and are very easy to understand and compliment each others' presentation of the topic

Craig Valine N. Quincy, MA.

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An invitation for you

Unlocking your intuition is about learning to access and use the knowledge and information you already have. This fun and interactive online training course can lead to significant positive changes in your life. Take the first step today.

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