Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners

Learn to practice meditation, and use it to regain your balance.

Meditation is a key component of The Practice, and can help you balance your Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Psychological bodies. The Practice teaches that we have four bodies, not one. You can find this concept in systems as diverse as Norse, Sami, Hellenic, Bifu, Odic, Jivaro, Ennu, Navajo, Sambic, … traditions, and that these bodies must be in balance if we are to live happy, healthy lives.

While the medical benefits of this ancient practice have been well documented by modern science, meditation is also the key to greater awareness of both yourself – and the balance of your four bodies – as well as the universe around you.

Holistic wellness begins with balance, and balance begins with mindfulness and meditation. Learning to calm your mind and lower your energy will allow you to be more in balance, more in control of your life, able to make better choices, become more successful, and embrace your best You. Physical benefits, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual wholeness are all within your grasp and within this balance you will find great joy and harmony both within yourself and with the world.

This Meditation for Beginners course is an in-person 1 day small group workshop designed for those with little to no meditation experience. You will be introduced to the basic concepts, styles and various techniques of meditation. Guided by our instructors, you’ll receive personal attention and instruction to help you discover the most effective techniques for you.

Learning to meditate may lead you to:

  • Expanded awareness and deeper access to your consciousness
  • Lower stress
  • Better sleep
  • A healthier immune system
  • Greater joy and happiness
  • Make better decisions
  • A greater appreciation of your life
  • Be more successful

What you will learn
Meditation can help bring your four bodies into balance, which can have a dramatically positive effect on your holistic wellness. You will learn meditation exercises and techniques that can help you achieve that balance.

Format and what to expect
The Meditation for Beginners workshop is conducted in person and in small groups. This workshop is friendly, fun and relaxing, held in locations and environments which will enhance your experience. You’ll be taught a variety of techniques and practices, many of which will be highly customized for you, which you can use on a daily basis to practice meditation and experience its benefits.

Our Trainers
This training is led by a team of NextStage trainers. See our About page for more information and details on their extensive backgrounds and qualifications.

What to Wear and Bring
We suggest comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Many people find gym clothes are the best option. Cell phones and other similar distractions will be collected at the beginning of the day. Our on-site coordinators can act as an emergency contact if needed.

Just a few of the comments from our students

Joseph and Susan have a great deal of knowledge in the area of healing...They have a great teaching style and are very easy to understand and compliment each others' presentation of the topic

Craig Valine N. Quincy, MA.

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An invitation for you

Learning to meditate can lead you to holistic wellness, and one of the keys to becoming a better, healthier you. This workshop can give you the tools you need to greater balance, and only you can take the first step.

Choose an upcoming training below to register. If you have questions, please contact us.

1 Day Course – $749

Travel and accommodation not included. Lunches and light refreshments are included. Further details will be sent upon registration.

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*Meditation for Beginners is subject to minimum attendance of 20 and maximum attendance of 35. If the minimum is not reached one month prior to the training, it may be cancelled or rescheduled. If cancellation or rescheduling is required, we will notify you one month prior to the training date and you will be offered a full refund of training course fees. NSEAS is not responsible for other travel or change fees. If you are traveling to attend, we recommend booking refundable air or other travel tickets, or waiting until course confirmation to book.

Sliding scale fees may be available in some circumstances. Contact us for more information.