Shamanic Weekend Workshop

Shamanic Weekend Workshop

Join the NSEAS team for a weekend of personal discovery and understanding.

The Shamanic Weekend Workshop is a 2½ day transformative “kick-start” program where you will learn the basic philosophies and techniques of the Practice that can lead you to experience Shamanic Journeying and Expanded Awareness.

Journeying is a highly valuable tool that can enable you to access the deep wisdom that the Universe offers. You can use this tool to connect with teachers, spirit guides, power animals and helping spirits in the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. In these realities, you may find solutions to problems, be able to resolve inner conflicts, and find wholeness and balance.

Instruction, practice and focus can provide you the tools to expand your consciousness and awareness to other realms of reality, which can empower you with the wisdom to find and embrace your true self.

The Fire Goddess Invites You

Know thyself and thou wilt know the Universe and the Gods. – Temple at Delphi

What you will learn
The beginning of journeying is in expanded awareness and increased consciousness demonstrated by a thorough and complete understanding of one’s self. Your weekend starts with community building and games that allow you to discover how ‘you do you’  in your daily lives. You will then learn what biases you have that may be holding you back in work and personal relationships, where and what you natural strengths and weaknesses are when facing challenges and how to shift your skills so that your best tools are always available regardless of the challenge.

To a Magical Weekend Under the Stars

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. – Leo Tolstoy

Exercises for developing Awareness are taught. Breath-, Energy-, and Drum-work are introduced, as well as the Physical aspects of Shamanic Practice. The next step is learning to augment your natural strengths and weaknesses with new tools and abilities. This is the start of expanded awareness and increased consciousness. This part of the training involves recognizing what is “you” versus what is “they”, learning to clearly separate your beliefs from others so you can be free of influences, hence gain the skill to select what will influence you and how.

Journeying techniques are then taught, including finding Teachers, and journeying techniques to the Lower and Upper worlds depending on the class. Specifics will be customized to the needs of the class.

Where Your Spirit Totems and Guides will Greet You

Format and what to expect
A warm, welcoming, comfortable group environment. Different levels of the Shamanic Journey Workshops are held in a variety of locations and venues. The upcoming Sedona training is introductory, or Level 1.

There is no particular need to adjust your lifestyle in any way before attending. We do recommend that you not consume any alcohol or other mind-altering substances in the 24 hours prior. No mind altering substances are part of this training.

The Energies are Calling

Our Trainers
This training is led by a team of NextStage trainers. See our About page for more information and details on their extensive backgrounds and qualifications.

What to Wear and Bring
We suggest comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Many people find gym clothes are the best option. Cell phones and other similar distractions will be collected at the beginning of the day. Our on-site coordinators can act as an emergency contact if needed.

Just a few of the comments from our students

Joseph and Susan have a great deal of knowledge in the area of healing...They have a great teaching style and are very easy to understand and compliment each others' presentation of the topic

Craig Valine N. Quincy, MA.

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The Spirits are Waiting

An invitation for you

In addition to being an incredible experience, learning to journey can allow you to understand yourself and the realities around you – and to become a better You. This workshop is your door to living the life you choose, and only you can take the first step.

Choose an upcoming workshop below to register. If you have questions, please contact us.

2½ Day Course – $1,499

Travel and accommodation not included. Lunches and light refreshments are included. Further details will be sent upon registration.

Reserve Your Seat Now

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*The Shamanic Journey Weekend is subject to minimum attendance of 20 and maximum attendance of 35. If the minimum is not reached one month prior to the training, it may be cancelled or rescheduled. If cancellation or rescheduling is required, we will notify you one month prior to the training date and you will be offered a full refund of training course fees. NSEAS is not responsible for other travel or change fees. If you are traveling to attend, we recommend booking refundable air or other travel tickets, or waiting until course confirmation to book.

Sliding scale fees may be available in some circumstances. Contact us for more information.

Future Locations

We’re working on our future calendar right now and we’d like to know from you: what locations you would be most interested in attending?

Other location preferred? Please use the Contact page to suggest it to us!