In Person Programs

In Person Programs

The ability to do the impossible is already within you. Learn to release it.

In person day and weekend courses are held in various locations around North America. These workshops are group experiences in a highly supportive environment. Each has its own unique objective to help you release your best You.

Shamanic Journey Workshop

Join the NSEAS team for a weekend of personal discovery and understanding. The Shamanic Journey Workshop is a transformative “kick-start” program where you will learn the basic philosophies and techniques of the Practice that can lead you to the incredible experience of Shamanic Journey. Learn More

Meditation for Beginners

For thousands of years, meditation has helped practitioners to calm their minds, reduce their stress levels, improve their health, enhance their creativtiy and far more. It is also one of the core components of The Practice. This one day course for beginners will give you the skills to take advantage of all the benefits that meditation offers.  Learn More

Introduction to Energy Work

Energies exist. Most people are not aware of these energies, but you can learn to become aware of them, and work with them. While Energy Work is primarily known for improving your health, learning to balance your energies and work with the energies around you is key to your personal wellness, and the wellness of those around you.   Learn More

Know What People Are Thinking

Want to know what people are thinking? This is where you start. This training provides the basics for knowing what people will do and say before they know what they will do and say. This knowledge can be applied in all aspects of your life. Learn More

All In Person Programs

NextStage offers many more in person courses and trainings, including several advanced classes such as:

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