Shamanic Practice

Shamanic Practice

Change Your World, Walk the Path of Shamanism

Shamanic Practice is not for everyone. The training can be intense, intensely personal and personally demanding. This training requires a three year commitment.

Prerequisites: Completion of the NextStage Student Phase One Program and the Aboriginal Lessons series and/or permission is a required.

The following item is for people studying shamanism and requires a three year long commitment. Completing the Aboriginal Lessons series and/or permission is a prerequisite. Each workshop is for an entire weekend once every three months. The workshops must be taken in sequence and students who miss a weekend forfeit the remaining sessions, and individual makeup sessions are at the instructors’ discretion.

Depending on the group needs a variety of topics can be covered (healing, drumming, wisdom-keeping, fire-work, etc)

Introduction to Shamanic Practice I: Students learn of and develop a shamanic community through discussion and exercises. Exercises for developing Shamanic Awareness are taught. Shamanic Breath-, Energy-, and Drum-work are introduced, as well as the Physical aspects of Shamanism. At the end of this class students learn and perform basic journeying techniques to the Lower and Upper Worlds, including finding Teachers.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice II: Students continue and build on Intro I’s lessons in the physical aspects of Shamanic Practice, Energy- and Breath-work. Continued exercises in Shamanic Awareness are performed, and exercises for separating Awareness and Expectation are introduced. Exercises in separating the Breath and Energy Elements, as well as Four-Body and Natural World work are introduced. At the end of this class students continue Intro I’s journey work with their Teachers and start to work with their Guides.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice III: Continuing to work along the Physical-Thinking meridians, this class demonstrates more Breath-, Energy-, and Drum-work. Students continue learning of and developing techniques to separate Awareness and Expectations, and begin performing partnered exercises. Coupled Shamanic exercises are introduced. Students also learn and perform more Natural World work, start Sacred Object work, and continue their Journey work with their Guide.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice IV: Breath-, Energy-, and Awareness exercises are continued. Students learn both coupled and group forms of these exercises in this class. Students also continue their Awareness and Expectation studies. More Four-Body Work is performed, this time learning to recognize and go into the Emotional and Spiritual bodies. More Natural World and Sacred Object work is performed, and students begin Divination studies. This class includes an introduction to Power-Being work and finding another person’s Power-Being.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice V: Breath-, Energy-, and Awareness- work is continued. Students start exercises in the Emotional-Spiritual channels, meridians, and bodies. Power-Being work is continued, with students learning the difference between external and internal Power-Beings and seeking their personal Power-Being. Divination work is continued, with students learning both forth- and fore-telling. This class includes an introduction to Ceremonies and Ceremonial work.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice VI: This is the last Intro class which concentrates on the Physical-Thinking Meridians and Bodies. Students continue their Breath-, Energy-, and Awareness-work, now learning how to separate Breath and Energy, move them independently, and manipulate them for future Shamanic work. Students also begin studying how Breath and Energy are related to Awareness and Expectations, and how to utilize these relations in future Shamanic Work. Techniques for separating and strengthening the Emotional and Spiritual Bodies are taught. Power-Being work and journies are performed. OtherPath (trans-spatial) and LifePath (trans-temporal) journeying is introduced.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice VII: This class begins the six workshops which concentrate on the Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. Students continue developing and learning Four Body work and are introduced to Four Body Awareness, and more techniques for separating the Bodies. More of the physical aspects of Shamanic Practice are introduced. Ceremonial and Power-Being work are continued, and Shamanic Dance is introduced as part of Power-Being work. OtherPath and LifePath work is continued. For those interested, there will be a Drum Waking Ceremony after class.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice VIII: Awareness and Expectation as they relate to the Emotional and Spiritual bodies is introduced and discussed. More Four Body Awareness is developed. The work of separating the bodies is developed into journeying with and without the separate bodies. Middle World work and Drumming techniques are introduced. Rotary Breathing, Versipellis and Earth-Awakening techniques are introduced. For those interested, LifePath Ceremonies will be performed after class.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice IX: Breath-Energy transmission is introduced. Healing through the Emotion-Spirit corridor is introduced. Using the different bodies to perform different tasks is introduced. Spirit Vision exercises are taught, and Spiritwork is developed. Sacred Space work is taught and performed. Shamanic Dance is continued, and other forms of Sacred Object divination are performed. The concept of GiveAway is introduced. More Earth-Awakening techniques are demonstrated and developed (both Dance and other forms). For those interested, OtherPath Ceremonies will be performed. Weather permitting, a Power-Being Dance/Calling will be offered later that night.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice X: Continuing with the previous classes’ work and training, this class introduces Shadow-Bright Shadow work and techniques for exploring them. More exercises are introduced to separate and work with the Emotional and Spiritual bodies, including finding the places they as well as the Physical and Thinking bodies exist. Shamanic Direction work is also introduced. Much of this class deals with the Circle of Awareness and Levels of Awareness. For those interested, a Drumming Circle will be formed after class.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice XI: Continued work with Awareness, and extensive work with ambulatory Awareness. Continued work with Shadow-Bright Shadow work. Extensive Middle World work and an introduction to both Other World and Place/Space work. PeacePath and PeaceWork are introduced. Students continue their studies of the Four Bodies, with an introduction to Feeling and Being Awareness. Students begin exploring which Shamanic Discipline they’d like to concentrate on. LifePath Ceremonies are performed after class for those interested. A Drumming Circle will be made and Walking Drum Techniques will be demonstrated.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice XII: Extensive studies of Feeling and Being are performed and integrated with Energy and Breathing. Other World and Place/Space work is continued. Four Body Awareness is integrated with the Circle of Awareness and Levels of Awareness. Ambulatory Awareness is exercised and strengthened. Rotary Breathing is continued. Shamanic Direction work is continued and students are taught to discern both their and others’ Direction. Talking Drum is taught and performed. Students are encouraged to announce which Shamanic Discipline, if any, they’d like to concentrate on in the next year. For those interested, a Drumming Circle will be formed after class, and both Walking and Talking Drum will be performed. Later that evening Soulwork and LifePath Divination will be performed.

Full Program – $30,000 – Next series begins September 2017

Travel and accommodation not included.

Sliding scale fees and payment plans may be available. Contact us for more information.