December 2016 – January Holidays and An Amazon Story, Part 1

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  • Susan – January New Year HolidaysIn January we have the traditional New Year that most people celebrate. There are some cultures that have their New Year later in the year. The Chinese New Year, known as The Spring Festival, is based on a lunar cycle and usually falls between late January to late February. The Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, is based on the Hebrew calender and falls between early September and early October.
  • Joe – An Amazon Story, Part 1Sorri canoed down the river, paddling close enough to shore to avoid detection and far enough in the water to avoid attack from the trees. Tonight his father, his people, were gone, lost to him, their enemies coming with the rising moon and he alone, breatheless, scurrying in the shadows of the trees, fled to the water under the bright moonlight. Now, his arms aching and tired from hours of paddling, he scanned the shore ahead for a place to rest.

    There, a clay covered quay in a shallow. A few more strokes and he dragged his canoe ashore. Now, his eyes closing before his head touched the ground, rest.

    Sorri woke confused. The moon was just past high overhead and chilled him in its cold light. He felt the clay under his back and heard the water lapping his canoe. There was a splash, off shore, and fear climbed his spine like a hundred hungry hornets. He reached for his canoe and the splash came closer. He tugged his canoe and something tugged back.

    “No, Sorri. You can’t leave yet.”

    Sorri closed his eyes, afraid to look over his canoe to whatever was on the other side.

    Another splash, closer still. Too close. With a hiss, breath, hot and reptilian, covered his face like his father’s hand smothering his cries when the enemies came.

    “Are you going to eat me?” Sorri asked the dark on the other side of his canoe.

    “Ha. I am Saniri. Look upon me, Sorri.”

    Sorri opened his eyes and looked up, tilting his head back until his neck ached. Saniri, monstrously tall, completely black in the night, stood like a man, its head occulting the moon high above. It turned and the light echoed green in its large, cat-like eyes and smiled until that same light glistened off what seemed a hundred thousand teeth.

    “Am I not beautiful to behold? Am I not the most glorious of all cayman? No, of all beasts?”

    The hornets were feasting on Sorri’s back. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t breathe. His people were dead and he’d paddled all night to be eaten by some creature that none of his people had ever warned him about.

    Saniri’s smile faded as he turned back and looked down upon the boy. “I asked you; I am beautiful, am I not?” his voice more hiss than whisper.

    ” Are…are you going…are you going to eat me?”

    “Answer my question – truthfully! – and then we’ll decide.”

    (Joe promises more of An Amazon Story in future newsletters)

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