April 2017 – Weird Dream Fairy and The Calling

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  2. Notes from Susan – Has the Weird Dream Fairy been visiting you? These past two weeks seem to be busy with dreams. Friends and members from all over have been sharing their dreams with us and asking for divinations.

    You may wonder why we call it the “Weird Dream Fairy”. That’s a good question I wish I could answer. The name popped up years ago when people were going through another period of weird dreams. We knew the dreams were different and wondered who was in charge of getting them to us. We started referring to the Weird Dream Fairy and the name stuck. The past two weeks WDF (that’s what we call it, Weird Dream Fairy, WDF) has been especially busy, visiting people all over the planet in a single night.

    One possible explanation for all the activity is the Lyrids meteor shower (last week) combined with a New Moon (this week).

    Another possible explanation is that the earth itself is undergoing energy changes. These are demonstrated in bizarre weather patterns, earthquakes, increased volcanic activity worldwide and things like that.

    Joseph wonders if people are non-consciously responding to the global political situation. When enough people pay attention to something, something called a “field effect” is created. It may seem strange but there’s scientific evidence for such effects and Joseph’s wondering if people’s focus, regardless if they’re happy or not with the world situation, is generating that field and others are sensitive enough to have it effect their dreams. All that’s required is that people pay attention, not what that attention entails.

    Talk about “Think Good Thoughts!”

  3. Joseph – Is The Calling one of your gifts? I’ve received lots of questions about the difference between something called “The Secret” and The Practice (what we do here at NextStage Expanded Awareness Society). First, I’m not a student of The Secret so whatever I offer about it is second order reference, not direct experience. My understanding of The Secret is best summed up by what those promoting The Secret claim, “Ask, Believe, Receive”, as in “Ask for what you want, Believe you’ll get it (or already have it. I’m unclear on this point) and you’ll Receive it.”

    I’ll admit that the possible logic hole in that (How can you receive something you already have? Or are you receiving more of it? Then how much is enough?) bothers me. I’m also happy to recognize that this could be my own lack of understanding, not something inherent in The Secret. Susan wonders if the Believe-Receive aspect is based more on becoming aware of something you already have, while not yet knowing you have it.

    In any case, I’m writing a blog post about The Secret and The Practice. The Practice’s element that seems closest to The Secret (to me) is something called The Calling (I’ve known people who have that gift). The Calling is the ability to bring things into your immediate reality. That may seem magical and I assure you, it isn’t. I don’t know anybody who can “think” a mansion and suddenly one appears in front of them.

    The Calling has to do with recognizing what the Universe wants for you or needs you to do and causing it to happen or exist. An example would be my getting my new car. My old car was dying a slow death and we knew it was time for a new car. Instead of going car shopping, I put it “out to the Universe”, essentially saying (in this case, I did literally say out loud) “Okay, Universe. You want me to get a new car, you make it happen.”

    What had to happen (in our case) was that the money had to be there, the car had to be there, basically there had to be no hitches to getting a new car.

    The money came in and the car showed up in about three weeks. What’s especially demonstrative here is that we really didn’t go car shopping or looking for the money. I wanted to go car shopping and each time got a firm “not yet” from the Universe. Eventually I got an “Okay” and started looking online. One search later found me on a site that I wouldn’t normally visit (didn’t like the brand). I was going to bounce and got an indication to scroll down the page. There was a car that fit our needs and it didn’t feel correct. Kept scrolling and there it was…but for more money than we wanted to spend.

    “Okay, Universe. What’s going on?”


    I should point out I’m not good at waiting. Three days later I got a message to return to the site. The same car was available…for $5k less. It was marked down. And in that day’s mail came a check from a past due client that covered down payment, etc. From finding to ownership took three days. It’s a nice example of “When the Universe wants something to happen, get out of the way.”

    That “Okay, Universe, you want me to have a car, you make it happen” is an elementary example of The Calling and we’ve seen it work several times in several different ways. And it’s a very elementary example of The Calling in action.

    Perhaps most important, we didn’t just sit passively and expect the money and the car to appear. We expected to do some of the work of getting the car and then it. First, we had clients who were in the process of paying us and second, had discussed what features we wanted in a new car. We didn’t sit back and expect the Universe to do all the footwork, we recognized that part of our role was demonstrating our desire (and beyond words), then payed attention when the Universe said “OK, go look now.”

    I’ll be going into more detail on The Calling in a future blog post. Please send in any questions or thoughts you have as that’ll help me clarify what The Calling is all about.

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  4. NextStage Expanded Awareness Society Happenings for May 2017
    • Unlocking Your Intuition – Have you ever just known something? That was your intuition at work. Being aware of information, anticipating change, and sensing possibilities inherent in any situation – without the use of your conscious mind – is part of your birthright, part of your DNA. Science has demonstrated that your non-conscious mind is aware of far more information than your conscious mind is. What most people perceive as a gut feeling or a hunch is that information breaking through from non-conscious to consciousness. This program trains you to access that non-conscious information at will and use it intentionally.
      Tuesday, 2 May @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EDT: $49
      Tuesday, May 23 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EDT: $49

    • Practicing Wellness Oneline Workshop – What is wellness? Here at NextStage, we define wellness as achieving your full potential through the balance of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical bodies. When you’re fully in balance, and your bodies are unified into a congruent whole, you can experience true wellness and the incredible personal power that comes with it. Holistic wellness and the true balance of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self is a choice. During this webinar you will learn exercises and techniques that can give you the expanded awareness and personal power you need to make that choice, and to release the incredible and unique You inside you.
      Tuesday, May 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDT: $79
      Tuesday, May 30 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDT: $79

    • Know What People Are Thinking – Learn to quickly recognize others thoughts and feelings, and respond accordingly.
      Wouldn’t it be handy to be a mind reader? You don’t have to be a psychic, people’s thoughts and feelings are directly reflected in nonconscious cues that you can learn to recognize. Things like body position, facial expressions, eye movement, changes in voice or respiration, micro movements of hands – even where someone chooses to sit in a room can give you a great deal of information on what that person is thinking, how they think, and how you can direct your interaction with them intentionally.
      Saturday, May 13 @ 8:30 am – Sunday, May 14 @ 5:00 pm EDT: $1,999

    • Accessing Your Creativity – Creativity is something we all share. Creativity is not limited to a few “special” people, it’s a wellspring within all of us in the core of our being. Inside you lies the potential for boundless creativity and accessing your creativity at will is a skill you can learn. Creativity is not only useful for artists, it is a skill that can help you succeed in any environment and any situation. Being able to access your creativity, and integrating it into your life can bring dramatic and highly successful changes in all parts of your life.
      Tuesday, May 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EDT: $59

    • PLAN AHEAD FOR THIS ONE!Shamanic Journey Workshop October 2017 – Sedona, AZ – The Shamanic Journey Workshop is a 2.5 day transformative “kick-start” program where you will learn the basic philosophies and techniques of the Practice that can lead you to experience Shamanic Journeying and Expanded Awareness. Journeying is a highly valuable tool that can enable you to access the deep wisdom that the Universe offers. You can use this tool to connect with teachers, spirit guides, power animals and helping spirits in the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. In these realities, you may find solutions to problems, be able to resolve inner conflicts, and find wholeness and balance. Instruction, practice and focus can provide you the tools to expand your consciousness and awareness to other realms of reality, which can empower you with the wisdom to find and embrace your true self.
      Wednesday, October 18 @ 5:00 pm – Saturday, October 21 @ 12:00 pm EDT: $999

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