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Gifts and Talents from the Universe

Written by Dan Linton

Just over a year ago, my Mother passed over and shortly thereafter I began my training here at NextStage Expanded Awareness Society.

A lot can happen in a year. A LOT has happened over the last year.  I’ve walked in other realties, I’ve met Spirits and Totems, I’ve experienced the power of Elementals, I’ve awakened abilities and senses I never knew about or dreamed of. And I’ve seen things… wow have I seen things. It has taken me a year to get here, and I didn’t even know where “here” was a year ago.

Most recently and most importantly I’ve discovered my Gift, and with it at least part of my destiny. I do not yet understand it or why I’ve received it, but it’s a Gift from the Universe and I am rejoicing in it. I’m taking a moment to savour it.

Everyone has a Gift, a particular talent or a natural skill that is usually unknown to our conscious minds, or undeveloped and unrecognized. Like a seedling though, with the proper watering, feeding and nurturing, that talent can become known, and then grown. NextStage provides that nurturing to me.

Many months ago I asked my trainers about these Gifts – What are they? How many types are there? How do people use them?

I wanted to understand the possibilities, and maybe get a hint at what my Gift might be. Their answer was “anything that is needed.” I’ve since learned that these talents can be anything you can imagine. When NextStage says “You have no limits”, it’s not a marketing gimmick – heal the sick, know the future, lift objects of any size, stop tidal waves, speak to creatures known and unknown, travel to distant galaxies – there is no end to the possibilities.

Whatever the Universe needs from you, it will give to you.

Discovering my Gift was not a quick or easy thing. My trainers would not and could not tell me directly, I had to discover it on my own. It was frustrating, sometimes maddening. The knowledge danced just out of my grasp for a very long time. There were hints given along the way (which are now obvious in hindsight), but I had to be ready to accept it, and I had to be ready to own it.

And that’s because – if someone tells you that you can do something incredible that you didn’t think you could do, you’ll never believe them and you’ll never pursue it. On the other hand if you discover that you can do something incredible through work, focus, and Practice,  there is no question that you can do it – you’re already doing it.  

When I finally uncovered the truth of my Gift, my teacher said to me “now the real work begins”. This knowledge for me is a responsibility, and I now have a lot of work to do to understand and develop it. I have no idea what the Universe will ask me to do with this Gift, but I know I will be asked (because the Universe needs it from me) and I know I’ll be ready.

I’ve discovered my Gift, do you want to discover yours?

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Dan Linton

Dan likes video games, pizza, and spending time with his dog. He has been a student of NextStage since December 2015.

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  • Wow…Dan…In.Credi.Ble.Post!
    And you got it quite correct; people need to discover their gifts, realize them, on their own. Being told you can do something can set up an expectation that leads to frustration, or even a sense of failture (“How come I can’t do it yet?”), neither of which are helpful.
    And again, Wow. In.Credi.Ble!