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Life Off The Mountain Top: Saying GoodBye

Candle - Letting Go
Written by Susan

Still living off the Mountain – wishing I was there at times…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. There’s been a lot going on, but when isn’t there?

Recently a friend’s ex passed away. She still had a lot of unresolved things that she wanted to say to him, unspoken thoughts, and didn’t know how to express them. Rarely do relationships end without the need for further talking. She was feeling lost.

I suggested something that she could do to help her.

It’s a ritual you can do when you need to say goodbye… (I think I’ll be doing this one myself as there are things and people I need to say good-bye to). This is a good ritual for when things are changing in your life and you need to let go. Get that….it’s basically a ritual for letting go. So…let’s let go!

What You’ll Need
For this ritual you’ll need a candle, any size and scent, matches, a fire proof plate or such to put the candle on, paper, an ash tray and a writing instrument.

Place the candle in a holder or something that will catch the wax and is fire proof. I use a candle holder, plate or the bottom to a terra cotta planter. On the paper write out the things that you would have said to the person if they were still with you. You can also write out the people that you want to say goodbye to, the energies that surround them or anything you need or want to let go of.

Fold the paper up, light the candle and think about what you wrote on the paper. Center yourself and place the paper in the flame of the candle. Be very careful not to burn yourself or tip the candle over. Do this in a safe place, preferably outside when there are no breezes. When the paper starts to burn well place it in the ash tray. As it burns follow the smoke as it goes up, releasing the energies, carrying your desires on the air.

Let go of the things or people you want or need to let go of.

Release the energies. When the paper has finished burning release the ashes into the wind and say goodbye one last time. If you want, you can bury the ashes outside. I would put a little bit of sage in the ground with the ashes.

You can reuse the candle any time you need to release energies, say goodbye or help things change.

Asking the Moon for Help
If you’re working with the Moon’s energies the Full Moon is a great time for this ritual. Its energies will help you to release those energies and things that you no longer need., including saying goodbye to the people that you no longer need in your life.

Have fun and Let The Cleansing Begin!!

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I like to spin, knit, paint, take photographs, kayak, walk, read, play fiddle, enjoy wine, listen to the earth go to sleep at night, Joseph's pizza, good conversation, watching the stars, learning, cuddling with our cat and playing with our dog, conversing with The Old Ones, things like that.

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  • Hi Susan, I love this ritual – thank you for sharing it! Would this also be a good thing ritual to do for parts of our own past, bad habits that we know are impacting us negatively etc?