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Life Off the Mountaintop Part 5 – Working with the Energy of the Moon, Part 1

Written by Susan

One of the ways to bring The Practice into your everyday life is to be aware of the Moon and the various phases it goes through during the month. Most people accept that we’re affected by the moon, especially during the full moon. For people wanting to do energy work, you may be interested in knowing that the Full Moon’s affects are for 3 days prior to the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon and for the 3 days after the Full Moon. Great you say…that explains the wacky behavior of almost everyone I know! It’s not just the day of the Full Moon I have to worry about its 3 days prior to and after that people will be weirder than usual.

The Moon and Women’s Work
Throughout history the Moon has long been connected to Women, female energies and fertility. Working with the Moon was a way for people to honor the Goddess. Fertility rites were performed around the Full Moon. This doesn’t mean that if you’re male you can’t tie into the Moon’s energies. It’s just that Women may have a more intuitive connection.

If you want to start working with the Moon’s energies you may want to start keeping a diary of the phases of the Moon and how it’s affecting you, your mood and the changes in your energies. Note changes in your psychical awareness and use it as a guide to when it’s the best time and not a good time to do certain energy workings.

Using this to your advantage –Phases of the Moon and Energies
Waxing Moon – As the Moon is Waxing, or growing, the energy is increasing as well. It’s a great time to do things that attract, to do things that bring a positive change to your life, work on new beginnings, gather information and to make plans. It’s a great time for laying foundations and to start change. It’s a great time to strengthen the body, to regenerate your energy and fortify yourself. It’s also a great time to do cleansing rituals and preparation work for the coming Full Moon. You can use it to tie off loose ends. If things are at an impasse during this time they may break open at the Full Moon. It’s a great time for communication in business or relationships. The Moon is considered to be in her Maiden form during this period.

Full Moon – If you’re aware of the Moon’s energy you can use it in your work. Many believe that the Moon’s influence is strongest for the 7 days of the Full Moon. This is the best time to do energy work as the Moon’s influence will be the greatest. The influence of the Full Moon begins 3 days before its full, peaks on the day of the Full Moon and continues for the 3 days following the full Moon.

The Full Moon is a great time for energy work around transformations. It’s a time of strength and power. At this time the Goddess is represented as the Mother. It’s a very productive time where intuition is strong. It’s a good time for dream work and meditation. While it’s a good time to work on matters of the home and creativity it’s not a good time for major decisions as they may be colored by emotional debris.

Waning Moon – As the Moon is Waning, or shrinking, the Moon’s influence is lessened. It’s a good time to work on banishing/releasing energies and habits that aren’t productive and you want to be rid of. It’s a great time to break bad habits and relationships. A time for letting go, clearing out and preparing for the new. A time for deep intuitive work. The Moon is in her Crone phase during this time. Use of the energies during this time is good for the renewal of things, to review endeavors and correct mistakes. A time to make amends and settle disputes. To give thanks to what’s been achieved.

New Moon – During the New Moon, when no Moon is visible in the sky, it’s a great time for new undertakings, new beginnings and new ventures. It’s also a time to rest and plan. It’s a period of new growth and a time to give thanks. If you have new goals this is a great time to set them and review old ones, both long term and short. It’s a time for change and being open to and looking for new opportunities and ideas.

The highest energy times are at the Full Moon. The next strongest time is the New Moon. There are two other types of Moons that are worth talking about. The Blue and Black Moon.

Blue Moon – A Blue Moon has many definitions and the most common one is that it’s the second full moon in a month. It doesn’t occur very often, every few years or so hence the saying “Once in a Blue Moon” referring to something that doesn’t happen very often. This second Full Moon has a boost to its energies and is a great time to renew plans and set goals. It’s also a great time to release old energies and anchor yourself and your endeavors to the new energies. It’s a time for new undertakings and new beginnings. A time for new growth and to give thanks. The next Blue Moon is on January 31, 2018 so you have lots of time to prepare.

Black Moon – A Black Moon is when there are two New Moons in a month. Again, this is a rare occasion, and is a great time to really work on those new goals. The energy of a Black Moon is a New Moon’s energy amplified. It’s a time of great clarity and awakenings. It’s another great time to release and let go so the new energies can be used. The last one we had was Sept 28th 2016 and the next one is on July 31st 2019. Again, you have lots of time to prepare.

Up Next – Working with the Energy of the Moon Part 2 – Full Moon Names and Associated Energies throughout the year.

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  • Hi Susan, thanks for posting this. I am strongly affected by moon phases, and these effects seem to swirl among everything and everyone around me. If I’m off center and don’t realize it during these times, is it possible that my own energy is adding to the chaos? Or alternatively, does bringing myself back to center help calm the storm of others around me?

  • Keeping a journal of the moon phases is an excellent plan. Thanks for sharing! And a waning moon during Thanksgiving? Perfect! How has keeping a moon phase journal helped you?